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Interesting Food Facts

More than 40 percent of all food produced in the US is thrown away.

In journey from the farm to the store to the dinner table, nearly half of America's food never gets eaten. That's according to Tim Jones, a professor of applied anthropology at the University of Arizona. He's spent the last ten years tracking food waste from households, farms, stores, and restaurants.

Small changes, big savings

Just a few small changes in habit, like planning menus, vacuum sealing leftovers, and freezing vacuum sealed food, could help us keep more money in our wallets.

Middle income households spend 12.3%, and low income households spend 35.1% Share of income on food.

In 2012, households in the middle income quintile spent an average of $5,798 on food, representing 12.3 percent of income, while the lowest income households spent $3,502 on food, representing 35.1 percent of income. Rising food prices and falling incomes put pressure on food budgets.

About the Author

Roger Seher

Roger Seher
Thursday, November 13, 2014

Dear Friend,

My name is Roger and I am the vacuum sealer advocate. I have been using vacuum sealers for years. Like most of you I bought my first vacuum sealer to save money on my food costs.

I had grand plans of being able to vacuum seal anything and everything.

But, like many other things, I found out vacuum sealing is a learned skill.

You waste bags while learning from your mistakes as you go, hopefully developing a proper technique over time.
Until now!

Wouldn’t it be easier, faster, and a more productive use of your time to learn this from me?

I have owned and used a lot of different vacuum sealers over the years, and I am always trying to find better ways of using vacuum sealers for food and other uses.

My research into vacuum sealing has allowed me to take vacuum sealing to awhole new level.


Because I actually use two different types of vacuum sealers on a daily basis in my kitchen…

I know more about Vacuum Sealers than 99% of the people who sell them for a living!

When I first started to use vacuum sealers it was just to save money; now I
use them for fun too. I have many different vacuum sealers I have collected
over time, from the discount store sealers to the large chamber sealers
costing thousands of dollars.

If I like and actually use a vacuum sealer, I will probably make a video to
show people how well it works.

You can see a couple of my videos here


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